California Hospital Isolates 700 Employees Exposed to COVID

California Hospital Isolates 700 Employees Exposed to COVID

( – As the Omicron variant of the coronavirus continues to rip through both vaccinated and unvaccinated populations across the world, hospital staff are bound to fall victim, as well. On January 12, the Community Medical Center in Fresno, California, announced over 700 employees are self-isolated after exposure to the virus.

Reportedly, 690 of them tested positive for the coronavirus, although there’s no word on their individual vaccination statuses.

Senior Vice President of the hospital, Dr. Thomas Utecht, stated the numbers simply show how “contagious the Omicron variant” is to everyone.

Unfortunately, the California Department of Public Health reported a surge in coronavirus cases after the holidays, and no hospital can afford to spare such a large number of staff. Utecht said his medical center is already experiencing staffing shortages and supply problems, so the incident only worsens the problem.

The doctor let the public know the remaining staff will continue to provide the best care possible and asked everyone to do all they can to slow the spread. Hopefully, the infected staff members will get well quickly so they can tend to the droves of patients entering the medical facility every single day looking for help.

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