California Church Fined

California Church Fined

( – Religious freedom is under attack in California as Santa Clara’s North Valley Baptist Church fights for its right to conduct worship services indoors.

On Friday, August 21, the Santa Clara County Counsel’s office posted a cease-and-desist notice on the church’s doors. However, it conducted indoor services the following Sunday, receiving two $5,000 fines for the morning and evening services.

Pastor Jack Treiber posted a recorded statement on the church’s Facebook page the following day, explaining he was “horrified” that a house of prayer in America could receive a notice to “cease.”

Continuing, he stated it had a First Amendment right to conduct services. “You can’t make laws against the church,” he added. “We have the right to worship.”

Sadly, the story doesn’t end there. On August 26, the church received another fine for conducting its Wednesday service. It doesn’t appear that the house of worship has any intention of complying with the county’s mandatory directives for gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Worse yet, county counselor James Williams told The Mercury News the county would explore other enforcement options since the fines hadn’t stopped the church from conducting services indoors.

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