CA Lawmaker Wants to Punish People Who Don’t Vote

CA Lawmaker Wants to Punish People Who Don't Vote

( – There’s no doubt voting is one of the most important rights we have. In fact, our vote has a direct correlation to our ability to maintain the rights given to us by our Founding Fathers. But, should citizens be punished for not voting?

One California lawmaker thinks so.

Democratic Assemblyman Marc Levine introduced a bill that will require everyone to vote, even if they don’t care whose name they scribble in. Assembly Bill 2070 would not just make people vote every four years, it states they’d cast a ballot in “every election held within” the town they live in. It does not specify what the punishment would be for those who refuse.

Some residents are not happy about it and took to Twitter to let it be known:

Another Californian said the law would hurt poor people:

Should the state have a right to force people to vote? That doesn’t seem like something the founders would have supported. Americans appreciate their right to free will nearly as much as they do their voting rights. It’s hard to imagine a court in the US that would uphold legislation like this.

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