Burger King Slammed For Ad Campaign

Burger King Slammed For Ad Campaign

(TargetLiberty.org) – A Wyoming Burger King was hit by protests last week when beef farmers rallied against a politically-correct new marketing campaign. The global fast-food corporation recently launched a new range of “Reduced-Methane Emissions” beef burgers from cows fed on lemongrass. The company says this diet cuts the amount of methane released by the cows in the form of flatulence and claims it’ll help fight climate change.

The problem is, according to farmers, the campaign sends the message that beef is a harmful product, and will discourage people from buying it. It also shuts out farmers who don’t use lemongrass in their feed, which is most of them.

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association says it’s disappointed with the campaign and pointed out that the US has one of the world’s most sustainable beef industries. The association’s CEO, Colin Woodall, also said the company’s whole lemongrass claim is wrong – “cattle emissions come from burps, not farts” – and the study it was based on has been dismissed by many experts.

UC Davis professor Frank Mitloehner, an expert on livestock emissions, also criticized the campaign, calling it “premature.” It looks like Burger King has let left-wing politics come before science and the American beef industry.

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