Build Back Better Stalls As Manchin Withdraws Support

Build Back Better Stalls As Manchin Withdraws Support

( – The keystone bill of President Biden’s domestic agenda was dead in the water on Sunday, after a moderate Democrat senator said he definitely wouldn’t vote for it.

On December 19, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) announced he won’t support Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill if it goes to a Senate vote. Given that no Republicans are likely to vote for the $1.75-trillion spending bill, it’s pretty much dead going forward with no chance of getting the 50 votes it needs for the vice president’s casting vote to come into play.

Manchin says the bill is too big and expensive for him to be able to support it. He has repeatedly warned spending so much when inflation is already rising would be dangerous, and insists that if he can’t explain the bill to the people of his state, he can’t vote for it.

Liberals are furious at Manchin’s opposition to the bill, and since Sunday, he’s faced smears and denunciations from Democrat lawmakers and the White House itself. However, Republicans have praised him for his moderation. Representative Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) called him “a statesman” while Donald Trump, Jr. said he’s a “sane, moderate Democrat.” Meanwhile, Manchin has left Biden scrabbling for a way to get the bill through – but, with the Senate arithmetic the way it is, it’s hard to see one.

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