BSA Banned From Memorial Day Ritual

BSA Banned From Memorial Day Ritual

( – The crackdown on civil liberties sparked by the coronavirus epidemic has claimed another victim in a long-running commemorative tradition. For decades, both Boy and Girl Scouts have given up their free time over the Memorial Day holiday to place US flags on the graves of veterans. Now the Department of Veteran Affairs says it’s too dangerous to make this gesture of respect this year.

The VA has banned all public events in military cemeteries this year, despite there being no known cases of COVID-19 being transmitted outside; and they’ve specifically banned Scouts from planting flags on graves. The National Cemetery Administration told Fox News national cemeteries will not be hosting public Memorial Day events, and stressed that this included “mass placement” of flags.

However, both Scouts and local politicians are calling for a rethink. Steve Bellone, chief executive of Suffolk County, NY, and other officials are concerned. They don’t think it’s necessary to skip this important tradition to honor the greatest generation by placing flags at their graves on Memorial Day.

What will it say about Americans who fail to honor their fallen heroes?

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