Britney Spears’ Lawyer Wants Father’s Unconditional Withdrawal From Conservatorship

Britney Spears' Lawyer Wants Father's Unconditional Withdrawal From Conservatorship

( – When the father of singer Britney Spears indicated his willingness to step down as her conservator in early August, her fans celebrated it as a win. They believed the struggling celebrity would finally get the opportunity to live life by her own rules. Yet, many overlooked the fact that Jamie Spears gave no timeline, refusing to quit the position until some unspecified future date. Britney’s lawyer is now responding with more immediate demands.

Britney “Will Not Be Extorted”

Lawyer Mathew Rosengart filed paperwork with the Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of the pop star on August 30. In it, Rosengart suggests Jamie Spears made a “blatant attempt” to extort over $2 million in payments from his daughter to cover dubious media handling and legal fees associated with the upcoming shift in responsibility.

Rosengart says the issue essentially became a bartering point for the older Spears — a last ditch effort to squeeze as much income out of the pop star as possible. That certainly seems to line up with accusations from Britney, who says she became a lucrative “cash cow” for her allegedly abusive father.

The attorney also pointed out that Jamie Spears made far more than just $2 million as the singer’s conservator over the years. Rosengart says that tidy sum only scratches the surface of Jamie’s total financial gain, and calls her father’s demands for payment a “non-starter.”

Jamie Spears “Must Step Down Immediately”

Rosengart didn’t mince words when telling the courts what should happen next: Jamie Spears should immediately step down as conservator without condition. He also says the pop star’s father must immediately cease demanding payments from her nearly $60-million estate.

As for what should happen if Britney’s father refuses to comply or pushes for more money to step down from his role? Rosengart has a plan in place for that potential outcome. He asked the courts to step in and suspend the conservatorship no later than September 29.

Jamie Spears insists he only wants what’s best for his 39-year-old daughter. He swears that his decisions were always in her best interest. Yet, reports from the singer’s friends and colleagues suggest her father often treated her poorly.

Popstar Iggy Azalea told Twitter followers she witnessed Britney’s father’s oppressive nature at a show the two celebrities played together back in 2015:

Azalea says Jamie restricted his daughter’s access to even the most mundane indulgences, even placing limits on how many sodas she could drink. She also accuses Britney’s father of forcing her to sign a non-disclosure agreement under extreme duress.

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