British Intel Sounds Alarm On Putin’s HORRIFYING New Plan

UK Warns: Russia Is Planning to Ramp up Attacks on Civilians

UK Warns: Russia Is Planning to Ramp up Attacks on Civilians

( – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine isn’t going well. Progress made months ago has been lost, and now, the invaders are yielding back much of their earlier land gains by a bold Ukrainian counter-attack. However, British military intelligence is warning that, in a desperate attempt to regain the initiative, Putin’s troops could be planning terror attacks on civilian targets.

On September 18, Ukrainian officials reported widespread Russian shelling the previous night, with towns and cities across large areas of the country in the crosshairs. At least eight people were killed and five more wounded by the bombardments, which didn’t appear to be aimed at military targets.

Now the UK’s Defense Intelligence Staff (DIS) says that in the last week, Russia has stepped up attacks on civilian targets “even where it probably perceives no immediate military effect.” According to DIS, this is an attempt to damage Ukrainian morale, which has remained very high since the February invasion.

Russia seems unable to defeat Ukraine’s forces and is struggling to recruit enough troops to replace its own casualties, so now it looks like it’s trying to win by terrorizing civilians. That tactic doesn’t have a great track record, but Russia is seemingly now desperate and might not have many other options left.

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