Bratton Speaks Out on NYC Plans to Decriminalize Disorderly Conduct

Bratton Speaks Out on NYC Plans to Decriminalize Disorderly Conduct

( – A former New York police commissioner has struck out at the city’s latest plans to liberalize criminal justice. The new Manhattan district attorney, who’s backed by billionaire investor George Soros, plans to abandon jail as a punishment for nearly all crimes – and the former chief cop says that’s “a recipe for disaster.”

On January 9, Bill Bratton, who served two terms as Police Commissioner of New York City plus terms as the Boston Police Commissioner and LA Chief of Police, told a podcast a wave of crime is sweeping US cities, and it’s being caused by ultra-liberal district attorneys funded by Soros. Bratton said, “George Soros and basically his Open Society Foundation have effectively destroyed the criminal justice system in America.”

Alvin Bragg is the latest Soros-funded DA to take office and implement disastrous policies. In San Francisco, DA Chesa Boudin has allowed a crime wave so dramatic even SF mayor London Breed is demanding a crackdown. NYC business leaders are dreading the impact of Bragg’s reforms, which center on excluding prison as a punishment for all crimes except murder, other serious violent offenses, racketeering and public corruption. He also plans to stop prosecuting a range of “minor” offenses including prostitution and fare-dodging, effectively decriminalizing them.

Business groups are discussing an attempt to remove Bragg from office. Meanwhile, NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell blasted the DA, saying his policies will put the lives of the public and her officers in danger.

Bill Bratton calls these liberal policies “well-intended,” but misguided. Others might not be as charitable. What’s clear, though, is Soros is using his money to elect DAs who care more about protecting criminals than protecting the public, and it’s ordinary Americans who suffer the consequences.

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