Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal Comes Up Again After Terrorist Killing

Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal Comes Up Again After Terrorist Killing

US Drone Strike Against Al Qaeda Terrorist Brings White House Under Radar

( – In August 2021, the United States withdrew its military from Afghanistan. President Joe Biden honored the agreement his predecessor, former POTUS Donald Trump, made with the Taliban before he left office. While it was a goal both Democrats and Republicans agreed was necessary, it still went very poorly.

As the anniversary of the withdrawal approaches, the US carried out its first drone strike in the nation since leaving. On July 31, a Hellfire missile struck al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri, the terrorist many viewed as Osama bin Laden’s right hand. America accused him of helping to plan the 9/11 attacks that left 2,977 people dead. For 20 years, the military hunted for al-Zawahiri, but now that’s over.

Terrorists have launched a number of attacks on civilians in Afghanistan since the US troop withdrawal. The Biden administration promised to continue fighting terrorism after leaving, but that hasn’t happened until now. There are questions about why that is.

As the country approaches the first anniversary of the end of the Afghanistan war, another date looms: August 26. On that date, 13 service members lost their lives in a terrorist bombing outside of the Kabul airport during the evacuation of Americans and allies last year. Many of the families blame the president for their deaths because of the ensuing chaos.

What do you think about the situation in the year since America ended its longest war?

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