Border So Bad Biden Forced To Do The Unthinkable

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

( – The Biden administration is considering different options that would allow them to increase deportation flights for Venezuelans who enter the United States illegally. There has been a record number of migrants entering the United States through the southern border, and it is not yet clear whether the negotiations in Washington are going to reach a deal on border security.

On Tuesday evening, senior Biden administration officials commended Mexico for having started to send migrants back to Venezuela, a decision which is similar to the one made in October by the United States when they started to have deportation flights to Mexico.

Last week officials from the U.S. and Mexico met up to discuss migration. The meeting was described as productive but was heavily criticized by Republicans for having included conversations about the “benefits” of “regularizing” illegal immigrants who were in the country already.

On Tuesday, officials noted that Mexico had begun operations to decongest the border, which has led to the United States reopening four different ports of entry in Arizona, California, and Texas. Officials further pointed out that there has been an increase in law enforcement in Mexico which has helped bring down the number of migrant encounters in the United States.

There has also been increasing security on trains which will help decrease the number of migrants who are using them to reach the southern border. As one official pointed out they appreciate that Mexico has taken more action to mitigate the situation at the border.

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