Border Patrol Agents Arrest Slew of Criminals

Border Patrol Agents Arrest Slew of Criminals

Federal Agents CAPTURED Murderers, Abusers At The US-Mexico Border In One Week! 

( – US Customs and Border Patrol agents are on the front lines of an immigration crisis. They’re the last line of defense between the American people and criminals coming across the border who could do them harm. A recent update from Chief Raul Ortiz highlights just how important their jobs are right now.

On September 9, Ortiz posted a weekly report on Twitter. He explained that in the previous 72 hours, his agents captured seven gang members, 12 sex offenders, 1 murderer, 2 people with active warrants, and 1 person who’d been previously convicted of causing injury to a child. A person was also arrested for assaulting an agent. In total, they encountered 4,563 migrants, including 19 large groups.

In addition to all of the criminals who were captured, the agents stopped a lot of drugs from entering the US. According to the report, they seized 71 pounds of meth, 213 pounds of cocaine, and 5 pounds of fentanyl.

Ortiz’s report comes less than two weeks after Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody released a deposition conducted with the chief where he admitted the border crisis is worse with President Joe Biden in charge of the country.

Do you think Border Patrol is doing a good job securing our borders?

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