Border Patrol Agents Arrest 24 Migrants

Border Patrol Agents Arrest 24 Migrants

( – Border Patrol agents in Texas have arrested a group of illegal immigrants who jumped the border, then apparently planned to break into a train to get deeper into the US. They also found evidence that groups of immigrants are helping each other to travel north away from the border.

On October 8, the Border Patrol station in Corpus Christi, TX received a call warning that ten suspected undocumented immigrants were walking beside the railroad outside Robstown. Agents, along with Nueces County Sheriff’s Office and Robstown Police Department, responded to the call and arrested the group.

A search of the surrounding area turned up 12 more immigrants. While the detainees were being processed, a suspicious SUV drove past; police stopped it and found that its two occupants were also illegal immigrants and arrested them as well. Officers suspect the pair was planning to pick up the initial group and move them along on their journey. All 24 arrested were from Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador.

A search of the first group turned up various tools in a bag, including bolt cutters. Agents believe the tools were to break open the locks on freight cars, allowing the intruders to stow away on trains to get a free ride away from the border.

Is this just a random occurrence of desperate people trying to cross the border and travel deeper into the US? Or is it an organized criminal network working to move illegal immigrants north?

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