Border Crossers Bring COVID-19 to the US

Border Crossers Bring COVID-19 to the US

( – It’s easy to describe President Biden’s immigration policy: Find what works, then do the opposite. Right now, amidst a global pandemic that’s already killed over half a million Americans, illegal immigrants caught crossing the border are being released into the US – even if they’re infected with COVID.

Upon taking office in January, Biden reinstated the “catch and release” program for illegals. Border jumpers are allowed to go free in the US to await their immigration hearings. The policy was already a disastrous failure before COVID escaped from China. Now, it’s worse. Illegals aren’t even required to test negative for the virus before being released.

The city of Brownsville, TX, is on the front line of the growing border crisis as dozens of illegals are released there daily. The city has set up voluntary test stations, and since Biden took office, 6.3% of those tested were positive. Unfortunately, Brownsville cops have no authority to detain COVID carriers, so all they can do is advise them to socially distance – but many of the illegals just jump on a bus. One woman who had just tested positive told NBC News she planned to take a bus to North Carolina.

With new variants of the disease circulating, Biden’s open border policy is a real risk to American citizens’ safety. What’s to stop someone with a new, vaccine-resistant mutation from crossing the border and getting on a bus to your city? The answer is chilling: Nothing at all.

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