Blue State Promotes Homelessness

Photo by Ev on Unsplash

( – Oregon Democrats have introduced a bill that would decriminalize camping despite residents claiming that they are exasperated by the homelessness crisis in the state.

Oregon House Bill 3501, known as the Right to Rest Act, states that homeless individuals have “a privacy interest and a reasonable expectation of privacy in any property belonging to the person” even in cases where the property might be located in public spaces. According to this bill, homeless individuals would be allowed to sue for up to $1,000 for anyone who harasses them or forces them to relocate.

The bill also notes that anyone who experiences homelessness will be allowed to “use public spaces in the same manner as any other person without discrimination based on their housing status” and that homeless individuals are free to move around public spaces “without discrimination and time limitations that are based on housing status.”

This bill comes during a time when homelessness in Oregon has increased. Oregon Public Radio and citizens in many cities including Portland and Eugene have spoken about the potentially negative effects of homeless encampments.

Jacob Adams, a Portland homeowner, told “Fox & Friends” that he loved living in Portland. Adams in February had pleaded to elected officials to take action against the homeless encampment next to his house, where fires and drug activity have terrorized his family.

Armand Martens, an 83-year-old Vietnam veteran, whose home is next to Adams had claimed that he had felt safer walking down the streets of Saigon rather than Portland.

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