Blue State Mayor Eliminates Homeless Population

Photo by Sterling Davis on Unsplash

( – California has been in a homeless crisis for years, despite billions of dollars being used to help those who needed housing. However, one California city appears to have defied the odds, by having the lowest homelessness rates in the State.

Republican Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey during a recent interview on “Fox & Friends First” stated that in his city they had enforced a strict no-encampment policy while also enforcing the law. He specifically told Ashley Strohmier, that the policies on both a regional and statewide level had been tolerant of these sorts of behaviors, but he argued that in reality, these behaviors can be quite destructive to the community. He continued to say that it is these policies that have allowed these situations to continue across the state.

As Bailey explained, the city cooperates with the police department and a homeless service provider in order to provide homeless people with one single option, that is to get the help they require. As part of these efforts, Coronado provides funds for “reasonable” services that will allow these people to get “back on their feet.”

He further added that in his city it is clear that they have no tolerance for encampments and other code violations including “being drunk in public or urinating in public or defecating in public.” This means that people have one of two choices: either they take the help given or they simply leave.

Previously Coronado had only one homeless person, but Bailey has alleged that that person is no longer homeless after receiving the help he needed.

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