Blue State May Turn Red!

Oregon Might Actually Elect a GOP Governor, Pollster Says

Oregon Might Actually Elect a GOP Governor, Pollster Says

( – A leading pollster thinks there could be a big surprise coming in next month’s elections. Oregon hasn’t had a Republican governor since 1987. Now, that could be about to change.

On October 23, polling expert Scott Rasmussen spoke to Real America’s Voice about his predictions for the November 8 elections. Rasmussen, the president of RMG Research, thinks something surprising could happen in Oregon. The last Republican governor elected in the ultra-liberal state was Victor Atiyeh, who won his second term in 1982. Since then, it’s been a Democratic stronghold, but now splits on the Left are giving a GOP challenger a chance to change that.

Unlike most states, there are three candidates running to replace retiring Democratic Governor Kate Brown. There’s the official Democrat, Tina Kotek. There’s Betsy Johnson, a former Dem who’s now running as a centrist independent. And, finally, there’s GOP candidate Christine Drazan. According to Rasmussen, the fact Johnson is running — and attracting a share of voters who would normally lean Democrat — gives Drazan a real chance to slip past a split left-wing vote.

Drazan has another factor on her side, too — President Joe Biden. Rasmussen said “The President’s numbers overall are toxic. Democrats don’t want to campaign with him.” Biden’s train wreck approval ratings, and the surge in crime sweeping Dem-run cities, are hitting the party hard. That can only help Drazan’s chances.

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