Blue State Cop Wants To Change His Race

Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

( – A police officer in Chicago is suing the city in order to get his race changed on the official records of the department. This move was made after the department announced that officers had the chance to change their gender to have it match their identity. 

Last week 43-year-old Mohammad Yusuf argued in a federal civil rights lawsuit that he was looking to change his race from “Caucasian” as he was now identifying as an “Egyptian and African American.” Still, his attempts to change his race have been blocked by the Chicago Police Department. 

The new lawsuit has come after the department gave officers the right to change their gender identity in order to ensure that it now matched their lived experience. However, Yusuf argued that the decision had an impact on his professional advancement. 

The Chicago Police Department has not released any statement regarding this case arguing that they do not provide comments about pending litigation. 

Yusuf has claimed in his lawsuit that he has repeatedly been overlooked for promotions because of the race written on his official records. He claims that these promotions usually went to minority applicants while Caucasian applicants were frequently overlooked and not considered. 

Yusuf, who has served for 20 years in the department, points out that the department’s promotion system was particularly beneficial for minority candidates even when they did not perform well on promotional exams. He further noted that he had “scored in the first promotional tier” in 2019 however he had not received a sergeant promotion despite his performance on the test.

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