BLM Plan to Police the Police

BLM Plan to Police the Police

( – A leader of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement claims the organization is building a force of armed “peace officers” to “defend” African-American communities against the police. Hawk Newsome, chairman of BLM’s New York chapter, says they’re getting advice and training from black Special Forces officers. The members of their new force will openly carry guns in states that allow it.

The New York chapter of BLM is the largest in the country, and it’s also well funded. Newsome says the group is planning to open its headquarters in a disused church, and its new gunmen — known as “Black Opts,” for “Black opportunities” — will probably be controlled from there.

The militant plan follows the example of the Black Panthers, who also ran armed patrols in the 1960s. Again billed as a group aimed at protecting black communities, the reality was many fatal gunfights with the police, including a notorious incident when Panther Bobby Hutton was killed after ambushing police in Oakland, CA.

If BLM goes ahead with its plan, similar violence seems inevitable.

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