BLM in Public Schools, What’s It Doing to Our Kids?

BLM in Public Schools, What's It Doing to Our Kids?

( – Black Lives Matter — or BLM as it’s known — has become the primary vehicle for left-wing activism. It’s also increasingly becoming a big part of the education of our nation’s youth.

BLM is set to be included in lesson plans this fall in schools all across the country. But this isn’t the first year it has been influencing American children. The initiative to include BLM in public schools actually began in 2016. It all started with a Seattle school that held a “Black Lives Matter at School Day.”

News of the event quickly spread to other schools, and by 2017, the National Education Association not only endorsed the group, but it also passed a resolution to hold a “BLM at School National Week of Action” every February.

In 2018, districts in more than 20 American cities included BLM in their curricula. Many more cities adopted the measures in 2019, and this year more schools will participate than ever before.

According to the Department of Education in New York City, this fall teachers will be delving into white privilege, police brutality and systemic racism with the kids,. The largest school system in North Carolina has a brand new website that posts BLM lessons teachers and parents can use. School districts in many other states are following suit.

We’re Turning Kids Into Little Marxists

Just think about what that means for a second. Leftist educators are bringing the most radically divisive Marxist movement this country has seen in generations, into the classroom to shape and warp the worldviews of children.

George Soros is one of the major funders of the Black Lives Matter movement. He certainly recognizes the value of infiltrating the nation’s educational system. BLM is partnering with schools all over this country and indoctrinating children to achieve their Marxist agenda — it’s a scary thought.

If there’s ever been a time to get involved in the education system, it’s now. It’s important that we know what our children are being exposed to in public schools. Furthermore, it’s imperative that we give our kids another perspective. The future of this country depends on it.

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