Blind Woman Banned From Public Park Over This!

Blind Woman Banned From Public Park Over This!

( – Freedom of religion is one of the main testaments of the constitution, yet one association singled out a woman for exercising her rights. Rhode Island officials have given a 63-year-old blind woman a two-year ban from her local park and library because she shared her faith with passers-by.

Former nurse Gail Blair of Westerly, RI, is a member of the Pocket Testament League. For years she’s been spending time in Wilcox Park, right next to her home, and offering the Gospel of John to anyone who’s interested. Now the Memorial and Library Association, which runs the park and Westerly Library, says she can’t do that anymore.

Association members called the police on Blair last June, complaining that she was “accosting” other park visitors. Last July, the Westerly PD asked her to leave the park and informed her that she was trespassing. Now Blair has filed a complaint with the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights, arguing discrimination “ … on the basis of my disability and my religious beliefs.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out.

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