Black Voters In One City To Determine The 2024 Election?

Photo by Coasted Media on Unsplash

( – Biden’s plan to win over voters in Milwaukee is failing — partly because Black voters aren’t buying what he’s selling.

President Joe Biden has been courting Milwaukee, the largest city in unpredictable swing state Wisconsin, for years.

His first official trip as President was to the city and Vice President Kamala Harris and Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison have also repeatedly visited Milwaukee since the start of the year.

Yet, Milwaukee isn’t returning the love.

Polls show Biden is trailing his 2020 performance in Milwaukee and the surrounding county. April’s Democratic primary was proof that Biden’s support in Milwaukee was waning as the President’s performance in the city’s limits lagged far behind his performance in the rest of the state.

The reason? Black voters aren’t convinced.

Black voters are critical in determining whether Wisconsin remains blue or flips red in November.

If Biden loses this bloc, his at considerable risk of losing Wisconsin — and the election as a result.

Biden’s problems in Milwaukee reflect his dwindling support among Black and Latino voters. It is the same problem Hillary Clinton faced in 2016 when she underperformed in Milwaukee, Detroit’s Wayne County, and Philadelphia, typically the Democratic centers of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Democrats can’t afford to have dwindling support in Wisconsin, given the last two Presidential elections in the state were decided by less than 25,000 votes each.

Lorenzo Davis, a barber at Zoe’s Barber Elite & Beauty Salon, is sold on Trump. “He’s about business,” Davis reveals in a Politico piece about Biden’s falling support among Black voters.

Another barber, Rome Simmons, also chimes in when asked about Biden, referring to the 81-year-old President as “Sleepy Joe,” before revealing he wouldn’t be supporting the President for several reasons, including his handling of the border crisis and the lack of change in justice system under Biden.

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