Black City Councilman Explains Why He Has Trump’s Back (VIDEO)

Black City Councilman Explains Why He Has Trump's Back [VIDEO]

( – Last-minute endorsements could play a massive role in the upcoming presidential election, and President Donald Trump just received a major one in the battleground state of Michigan.

Maurice Davis, the vice president of Michigan’s Flint City Council, endorsed President Trump during a NewsMax TV interview aired on October 27. According to Davis, a black man, Democrats frequently campaign in economically depressed, crime-ridden neighborhoods. However, they quickly forget about the people who live there after taking them to the polling stations.

Trump’s the Best Man for the Job

Davis, a longtime Democrat, told NewsMax TV President Trump “will be the best man for the job” when it comes to helping “all Americans,” particularly members of minority communities.

According to Davis, Democrats take support from members of the Black community for granted, often turning their backs on African-Americans’ concerns, particularly between elections. “Democrats aren’t doing [anything] for minorities,” he explained, “especially black folks.”

Citing economic problems confronting Flint in the wake of General Motors’ departure from the city, Davis noted that Democrats turned their back on impoverished communities like Flint.

As Davis explained, Democrats favor entitlements and handouts but lack interest in providing equal opportunity to citizens. When it came to Flint, Davis said the Democrats ran the city into the ground. They became obsessed with telling lies, accusing President Trump of being a racist to garner votes from black members of the community, and “that’s not right,” he explained.

With the election just around the corner, it’s essential to heed the words of community leaders and members of the Black community like Mr. Davis. As he affirmatively stated, Trump is the best person for the job of president. He stands firm and shows unwavering support for all Americans, not just potential voters.

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