Bizarre Ban in Louisiana

Bizarre Ban in Louisiana

( – Louisiana’s reputation as an easy-going and fun state took a big knock on Tuesday. The State Fire Marshal’s (SFM) office confirmed that public dancing is completely banned in the state as an anti-coronavirus measure.

The ban isn’t actually new – technically it’s been in effect since May as part of the safety guidelines issued by Governor John Bel Edwards (D). However, it wasn’t widely publicized and it seems most people didn’t know about it. Early this week, word started spreading after a blogger discussed the ban, and now it’s hitting the headlines.

The governor’s “stay at home” order allowed churches and restaurants to operate outdoors, and within days, some restaurants were bringing in bands to play to their outdoor guests. The original order was issued on May 1, and on May 14, Edwards amended it to say customers had to stay seated at their tables and weren’t allowed to dance.

Since word of the amendment started spreading this week, angry Louisianans have been taking to social media to protest the ban.

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