Billionaire Allegedly Secretly Paid Underage Teen Dancer for Inappropriate Favors

Billionaire Allegedly Secretly Paid Underage Teen Dancer for Inappropriate Favors

“Underage TEEN” – Top Billionaire Accused of Making Secret Payments!

( – A Canadian sports team owner has been accused of paying a teenage dancer for “inappropriate favors.” It’s the latest twist in a series of allegations — but what’s the truth? This latest lawsuit isn’t exactly bringing clarity.

Earlier this month, seven ballerinas filed suit in a Nevada federal court, claiming they were sexually abused by dance teacher Mitchell Button and his wife Dusty, a former dancer with the Boston Ballet. In response, on July 8, the Buttons filed a countersuit claiming they had a consensual three-way relationship with one of their accusers, Sage Humphries, beginning when she turned 18. They also claimed Humphries had relationships while she was underage — and, according to their suit, one of those relationships was with Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz. The lawsuit claims that when Humphries was 17, Katz (who was 53 at the time) paid her $75,000; the implication is the money was for sexual favors.

A statement by Katz’s lawyer, Robert Krieger, calls the “false” accusations “baseless and scurrilous.” Krieger says Katz has never even met the Buttons and never had a relationship with Humphries. According to Krieger, the payments from Katz to Humphries were related to a movie project she had pitched to a film company Katz owned at the time.

Katz has been accused of offering to pay for sex before, but the 2017 allegations by Brazilian actress Greice Santo were dismissed by Hawaiian cops. Krieger insisted in his statement there was nothing in those accusations; Santo’s husband, a professional gambler and convicted felon, named Katz in a lawsuit against a PR company; in turn, the company accused him of trying to extort money from Katz. Who — if anyone — is telling the truth here?

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