Bill Gates Admits That Vaccines “Sadly” Not As Effective As Natural Immunity

Bill Gates Admits That Vaccines

( – Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates spoke at the Munich Security Conference last week, and made an astonishing admission. According to Gates, the Omicron variant of COVID has done more to build immunity than the vaccines he’s spent the last year pushing – and he isn’t happy.

Gates told the conference, “Sadly, the virus itself, particularly… omicron, is a type of vaccine,” and added, “it’s done a better job… than we have with vaccines.” The remarkable thing here isn’t what Gates said about immunity. The interesting thing is he finds this sad.

There’s growing evidence having had exposure to the virus and the resulting immunity is more effective than vaccination. Israeli research has shown natural immunity from the virus provided patients with longer protection against future outbreaks than two shots of the vaccine previously given earlier in the year.

The problem is, there isn’t any money in natural immunity – but vaccines are big business. The CEO of a major vaccine producer was recently exposed by Project Veritas, he was caught admitting “there’s a money incentive” for companies like his to encourage regular ongoing vaccination, calling it “a recurring fountain of revenue.”

Gates is one of America’s richest individuals, so it’s strange he would be making this admission when many billionaires and rich companies seem to want us reliant on regular shots.

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