Biden’s Wishy-Washy Immigration Policy

Biden's Wishy-Washy Immigration Policy

( – The current Democratic Party panders hard to immigrants, both legal and illegal. Former Vice President Joe Biden is no different. He’s running for president on a pro-immigration platform and demonizing Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump as he does it.

Biden, like most Democrats, believes Trump is a xenophobe who’s locking kids in cages. He faults the president for deporting people. The former vice president even blamed the nation’s chief executive for the deaths of people crossing the border illegally and for kids dying in ICE custody.

He seems to have forgotten the immigration policies of former President Barack Obama.

Biden’s Platform

Biden’s campaign website talks about a baby and her father dying as they tried to come to America and calls it a “…moral failing and a national shame.” The former vice president slams detention centers that hold illegals, and also blames Trump for family separations. His message to voters accuses the president of threatening “massive raids” to separate families and spouts all of the typical left talking points.

But, the Obama-Biden Administration saw all of these things happening when they were in the White House.

Deporter-in-Chief and His VP

Immigrant rights groups labeled President Obama the “deporter-in-chief” while he was in the White House. That’s not a name that was given to him because he and Biden were halting deportations.

During the Obama-Biden administration, ICE conducted massive raids that separated families and sent back over 3 million immigrants to their home countries.

On September 12, 2019, Biden told Democrat voters Obama didn’t “lock people up in cages.” That was a lie. During the previous administration, pictures circulated of unaccompanied minors in crowded cages with aluminum foil blankets on their bodies. Immigrant rights groups lashed out at Obama.

During Biden’s time in the White House, people also died crossing the border. In 2014, for example, 307 illegals lost their lives trying to come to the US.

Joe the Hypocrite

The Obama-Biden Administration did all of the things the former VP is whining about now. Yet, we’re supposed to believe President Trump’s the bad guy when he protects the American people from illegals trying to come into our country.

The hypocrisy is astounding.

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