Biden’s Top Science Official Resigns Amid Bullying Claims

Biden's Top Science Official Resigns Amid Bullying Claims

( – President Biden’s senior scientific advisor has resigned after an investigation turned up a series of shocking bullying incidents. Have the well-publicized issues in Vice President Harris’s office started spreading through the administration?

On February 7, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Office of Science and Technology Policy chief Eric Lander had resigned. Lander was forced out after news site Politico revealed early that morning that a two-month investigation into his office had unearthed “credible evidence” of a culture of bullying by him and other senior staff, which included employees being publicly humiliated, abused and replaced.

When Biden took office, he immediately announced a zero-tolerance policy towards office harassment – but the policy doesn’t seem to be very effective. Vice President Kamala Harris has suffered at least seven staff resignations amid complaints of a “toxic” office culture, with much of the blame pinned on Harris herself.

Lander’s behavior raises questions about the effectiveness of the Biden administration; if staff members are tied up in workplace squabbles, are they really doing their jobs? It also says nothing good about the president’s zero-tolerance policy, which he claimed would result in immediate termination of workplace bullies. However, Lander stayed in his post for two months after the allegations surfaced and only stood down when his behavior went public. Yet again, the administration has been caught ignoring its own rules – while expecting the rest of us to obey them.

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