Biden’s Spending Paints Stunning Picture of Democrats’ Priorities

Biden's Spending Paints Stunning Picture of Democrats' Priorities

( – President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda continues to ruffle feathers all across the country. Detractors are drawing attention to what they see as the plan’s many flaws, including a lackluster focus on pandemic preparedness. In fact, the numbers suggest Democrats aim to prioritize climate change over fighting future viruses — perhaps to the very detriment of the American people.

Compromising On Human Safety

When the Biden administration announced a new framework for the Build Back Better agenda on October 28, leaders on both sides of the aisle immediately noticed it now contained several steep compromises. Paid family and medical leave were officially off the table, as was free community college and funding to bring down drug prices all across the country.

Yet, these newly-missing elements were really just the beginning. The revised framework also drastically reduced funding for future pandemic preparedness initiatives to just $3 billion, opting to allocate the bulk of the money — nearly $550 billion — to climate initiatives instead.

In an instant, it became apparent Democrats fully intended to prioritize climate concerns rather than strategizing to prevent the kind of economic unrest and loss of life witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That has many Americans questioning whether we’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes, likely culminating in similar losses, in the coming years.

Troubling Ignorance

The problem with deprioritizing pandemic preparedness is simple: the US wasn’t ready to tackle such a severe health crisis in the first place. Climbing case numbers and vaccine mandates rapidly resulted in a complete loss of income for thousands of Americans, interrupting entire industries, and stalling supply chains.

The healthcare industry also struggled. Hospital ICUs filled up rapidly, making it difficult for people to access necessary care. At multiple points, citizens struggled to access COVID-19 tests or vaccines. While organizations such as the CDC or NIH did invest resources into tracking mutations and detecting new diseases, it clearly wasn’t enough.

We continue to witness the effects of those failures even now. America faces unprecedented inflation and labor shortages across nearly all states. In fact, an exclusive poll from the Associated Press shows that only 35% of all citizens have a positive outlook on the economy.

So, why are Democrats so focused on climate concerns when the country clearly hasn’t yet recovered from the effects of COVID-19?

Ultimately, Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda allocates nearly 185 times more money to climate initiatives than pandemic preparedness. Is that truly a sound approach at a time when the country is still clearly in recovery mode? Or, does it prove where their true priorities lie?

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