Biden’s New Press Secretary Reveals More About Herself in First Briefing

Biden's New Press Secretary Reveals More About Herself in First Briefing

Biden’s New Press Secretary Fails First Briefing, According To Press

( – Since President Biden was elected, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been the public face of his administration. However, Psaki left government service last week to join MSNBC, and her deputy has taken over the job. On Monday, we got our first view of the new press secretary in action, so what’s in store for reporters and TV viewers?

On May 16, Karine Jean-Pierre took the stand in the White House briefing room (38 minutes late) for her first public appearance as Psaki’s replacement. Instead of just getting on with the job, she seemed to think it was necessary to make the briefing all about identity politics and herself. Jean-Pierre began by letting everyone know that the fact she was there “represents a few firsts.” She pointed out she’s, “a black, gay immigrant woman” (she was born in Martinique, a French overseas territory) and claimed she’s the first of “all three of those” — although she used four descriptions of herself — to hold her job.

Jean-Pierre went on to give a performance that, compared to Psaki’s undeniable confidence and poise, seemed timid and stumbling — and could raise suspicions she was picked for the number of diversity boxes she checks rather than her competence.

As for her own focus on her background, is that something Americans really need to know? The White House press secretary is there to let us know what our government is doing, not to ram diversity down our throats in a clumsy exercise in self-promotion.

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