Biden’s “ENVOY” Experiencing Problems In Iran!

Biden's Envoy Is Having Problems With Iran

Biden’s Envoy Is Having Problems With Iran

( – The current US administration has struggled to deal with the Iranian regime, partly because of President Joe Biden’s obsession with resurrecting the nuclear deal. Now, with thousands of Iranians courageously demonstrating against the brutal rule of the ayatollahs, Biden’s envoy to the country still won’t admit the truth about the people with whom he’s negotiating.

Since September 16, Iranian cities have been swept by growing protests sparked by the death of a 22-year-old woman murdered by the feared morality police. The Islamic regime has responded with an increasingly brutal crackdown, but the protests are continuing — and the demonstrators are now calling for the end of the regime itself. However, Robert Malley, Biden’s envoy to Iran, is glossing over the situation and insisting the demonstrators simply want the ayatollahs to “respect their dignity and human rights.”

The protesters don’t want the regime to respect their dignity; they want it to go away. However, Biden wants it to sign up to the deal he helped negotiate when he was vice president. The State Department is refusing to confirm that the demonstrators want regime change, and their supporters in the US are losing faith in Biden’s ability to stand up to the regime. Bryan Lieb of Iranian Americans for Liberty says it’s time for Malley to be fired for having “aligned” the US with Iran’s government, not its people.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) says this is no surprise. Last week, he told journalists the administration is “literally invested in the survival of the Iranian regime” because Biden hopes Tehran’s oil will help fix the fuel crisis his extreme green policies have caused. He’s let down the American people; now he’s doing the same to the Iranians.

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