Biden’s Dangerous Immigration Plan Revealed

Biden's Dangerous Immigration Plan Threatens US Security

( – The official summary of Joe Biden’s immigration plan is based on the premise that the country is “safer, stronger, and more prosperous” under an immigration system that welcomes newly arriving immigrants. Sounds good on paper, right?

Looking over his pre-election plan for his first 100 days in office, things are taking a turn for the worse, particularly for anyone concerned about homeland security and national defense.

Biden’s 100-Day Plan

Biden’s official campaign site includes a 16-point plan for his first 100 days in office. Reviewing the list, the first thing that stands out is the potential harm to US security. For example, he wants to broaden entry into the country to refugees and individuals seeking asylum. He also wants to offer protection to undocumented immigrants because they gained illegal entrance into the United States as children. The list continues, with one security risk after the other.

The Damage to US Security So Far

Since assuming office on January 20, Biden has sent a new immigration bill to Congress for consideration. He also rescinded an executive order signed by Donald Trump, designed to enhance public safety in the United States’ interior through the administration of civil immigration statutes.

He signed another executive order terminating Trump’s emergency order concerning the nation’s southern border and canceled further border wall construction. He also signed three proclamations and two memorandums, potentially putting Americans at risk from gangs, drugs, terrorists and other unwelcome immigrants.

Fox Nation host Lara Logan weighed in on Biden’s immigration policy during an interview on “The Story” on January 28. According to her, normal security operations at the border would be diverted to “migrant care.” She continued to predict Mexican cartels would take advantage of the situation, exploiting the increased flow of border traffic and reduced security.

Making matters worse, she said the cartels would transfer weapons and drugs across the border. Likewise, the possibility of terrorists or spies entering the US could rise as well.

Fortunately, with the Senate evenly split and with the margin of Democratic control in the House at its lowest point in decades, it’s unlikely Biden can push any meaningful immigration law changes through both chambers.

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