Biden’s Chief of Staff Tries to Defend 2021’s Failures

Biden's Chief of Staff Tries to Defend 2021's Failures

( – Spare a thought for Ron Klain this New Year. As President Biden’s chief of staff, Klain has to put a positive shine on his boss’s first year in office – and that would be a challenge for anyone. So when Klain found an optimistic column about the last year, he retweeted it. Now he’s probably wishing he hadn’t done it.

On December 26, The Hill published a column by Albert Hunt entitled Let’s be honest: 2021 wasn’t all bad. Ron Klain, probably relieved to find something that wasn’t discussing the disaster of 2021, retweeted it to his 536,600 followers – and his comments immediately exploded.

Hundreds of angry replies reminded Klain 2021 was terrible for US national security, as the Biden administration caused a disastrous flood of illegal immigrants across our southern border. Others pointed out it was the worst year for US foreign policy since the fall of Saigon, after our humiliating retreat from Afghanistan. There were plenty of comments about the economy, too – while Hunt claimed it’s “humming,” rising inflation turns out to not at all popular with ordinary Americans.

On a happy note, the criticism was bipartisan. While Conservatives were annoyed at all the stuff Biden did that wasn’t mentioned in his campaign – skyrocketing prices, a massive crime wave and international humiliation, for example – Liberals were just as annoyed about all the things he did say he would do, but hasn’t.

Sometimes it’s best to give up on polishing a turd and just admit things aren’t going so well. Next year we’ll find out if Klain has learned his lesson.

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