Biden Will Have To Take Ground Transportation to the Queen’s Funeral

Biden Will Have To Take Ground Transportation to the Queen's Funeral

Biden Plans Trip To Queen’s Funeral — Gets The “Royal” Treatment

( – President Joe Biden will be allowed to use his armored limousine, nicknamed the “Beast,” to travel to the former Queen’s funeral next week, but other world leaders won’t be so lucky. The funeral could be the biggest public gathering of world leaders in almost 80 years, and a massive security operation is planned.

The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be held at Westminster Abbey, London, on September 19. Over 100 world leaders are expected to attend — the most heads of state that have been in one place since the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill in 1965.

Heads of state are used to traveling in their own vehicles or helicopters, but British authorities want to keep tight control of security. They also want to make sure endless presidential motorcades don’t inconvenience the hundreds of thousands of people expected to fill the streets around the Abbey. That means some changes will have to be made.

A few guests, including the leaders of Japan and France, have been given special dispensations along with Biden to use their own vehicles. Most other leaders and diplomats have been asked to travel to London on commercial flights and will be traveling on shared buses to the funeral.

Biden will probably fly to RAF Mildenhall on Air Force One, but he won’t be able to use Marine One for the 120-mile trip to central London. That’s where the “Beast” comes into play.

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