Biden Wants to End Public Health Order at Border, Report Says

Biden Wants to End Public Health Order at Border

( – It seems the crisis at our southern border isn’t bad enough to suit the Biden administration. Now, the Democrats may add a new surge of COVID cases to the mix.

On June 20, it came out that the White House is working on a plan to end key anti-COVID protections at the border with Mexico. Since last year, a Trump administration public health order called Title 42, has allowed border officials to turn back undocumented immigrants who could be infected with the Chinese virus. Now Biden reportedly wants to scrap Title 42 for immigrant families.

The White House says the order isn’t justified now that so many people are vaccinated – but it’s US residents who are vaccinated, not undocumented immigrants in Mexico. Doing away with Title 42 could put many Americans at risk. With about 45% of the US population having been vaccinated, that leaves 55% still at risk.

It’s also rumored that the administration is scared of being sued by the ACLU; not because they’re scared they’ll lose, but because they’d have to defend a policy brought in by former President Donald Trump. If there’s any truth to this, does it mean disagreeing with everything Trump did matters more than protecting Americans from a deadly disease?

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