Biden Wants Cops To Try Movie Shooting Tricks

Biden Wants Cops To Try Movie Shooting Tricks

( – Democrat presidential-wannabe Joe Biden added his two cents to the national debate on policing. He suggested cops faced with knife-wielding attackers should “…shoot ‘em in the leg instead of the heart.”

In a confusing explanation, during which he referred to “…an unarmed person.. with a knife,” Biden seemed to be trying to find a way to prevent violent criminals from being killed by the police. However, his suggestion is actually dangerous.

Police and military aren’t trained to shoot anyone in the heart; they’re trained to shoot center of mass because as well as being most likely to stop an attack with the minimum number of rounds, it’s also most likely to achieve hits. Attempting to shoot someone in the leg can lead to far more misses, and with shots that are angled down, bullets can ricochet wildly.

Aiming for the legs might be less lethal for violent criminals, but much more dangerous for innocent bystanders. This sort of trick shot should stay in the movies where it belongs.

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