Biden Under Fire After Reportedly Disrespecting Fallen Troops at Ceremony

Biden Under Fire After Reportedly Disrespecting Fallen Troops at Ceremony

( – On Sunday, President Biden attended a “dignified transfer” ceremony for the 13 American troops killed in last week’s ISIS-K attack at Kabul airport. Paying tribute when our fallen troops come home for the last time is one of the most solemn duties a president has – but some commentators observed that Biden would rather have been somewhere else.

On August 29, the bodies of 11 US Marines, a Navy corpsman and an Army paratrooper were flown into Dover AFB, DE. This was the first time Biden has had to carry out this grim duty as president. Biden and the first lady attended, but he then shocked onlookers by allegedly checking his watch while the coffins were being carried off the plane.

As Marine pallbearer groups carried their fallen comrades to vehicles, the president – still with his right hand on his heart – shot his left wrist out of his cuff and looked down, leading many to believe he was checking his watch during the ceremony.

The move sparked outrage from Conservatives and supporters of our military. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee called it “shocking,” while Congressman Ronny Jackson (R-TX) branded Biden’s behavior as disgusting. Nile Gardiner, director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, reminded the president that “There is nothing more important than paying your respects to America’s fallen war heroes.”

Some outlets later reported that Biden only checked his watch when everyone put their hands down – right after the ceremony ended. But even so, was that really the best moment to look at the clock?

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