Biden Tries To Scare Americans Away From GOP

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Saturday, President Biden spoke during his first political rally since officially entering the 2024 presidential race, speaking to a room of union workers.

During the rally, Biden argued that union workers needed to be careful as Republicans were planning on taking jobs away. Prior to the rally, Biden had received a number of early endorsements which further helped with his claims about having the workers’ backs. This messaging addressing union members appears to be a key part of his reelection campaign.

In his speech, Biden argued that many Congress Republicans were trying to completely “get rid” of his work and that it was clear that people needed to fight. He proceeded to ask whether people wanted to fight with him. He proceeded to argue that the Republicans push to block all the infrastructure and clean energy investments essentially means that they were “coming for your jobs,” the future, and the future people are creating for their families.

The rally which was held in Philadelphia had around 2,000 workers in attendance and was hosted by union members. Throughout the speech, many of the attendees would shout several encouraging chants including “let’s go Joe!,” “four more years!,” and “U-S-A!”

Biden said that in his view the country is really “about to take off” and that the investments he had passed would help transform the country within the next few decades. He argued that at the center of this transformation would be union members and American workers and that in one decade they would look around them and think about everything that they have achieved and helped build, including roads, airports, and bridges.

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