Biden to Target Domestic Travelers With COVID-19 Test Mandate

Biden to Target Domestic Travelers With COVID-19 Test Mandate

( – President Biden is looking at making domestic air travel slower and less convenient by mandating COVID tests for all passengers, an official said on Tuesday. Industry insiders say the move would be a disaster for their businesses – and it could have a domino effect across the whole economy.

Talking to reporters on January 26, Dr. Marty Centon of the CDC admitted there were “conversations that are ongoing” about imposing the invasive tests on anyone who wants to fly within US borders.

In one of Biden’s first executive orders last week, he directed federal agencies to look into new restrictions on domestic travel, plus mask mandates on all mass transport services. It looks like the CDC is now getting ready to enact that order, with possibly catastrophic effects on business travelers and tourism.

While prioritizing safety for the American people is undoubtedly important, we also need to start considering the long-term consequences these actions will have for our economy. So far, it doesn’t seem like Biden is taking measures to do this.

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