Biden Spreads Disgusting Lie

Adam Schultz, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Conservatives on Twitter have criticized President Joe Biden for another “ridiculous tall tale” he told in a speech in which he claimed that he gave his uncle a Purple Heart because of his service during World War II. Critics online have pointed out that Biden did not have any evidence to support these claims.

These latest claims made by Biden came during a speech at a town hall for U.S. veterans in Delaware on Friday. At one point in his speech, Biden said that his father had told him when he had gotten elected as vice President that his uncle had fought in the Battle of the Bulge and that he had at a time received a Purple Heart that he had never received.

This led to the claim that Biden had gotten him the Purple Heart that he had originally won in the Battle of the Bulge. Biden continued by saying that despite his uncle’s protests he had given him the medal in the presence of family.

However, despite Biden’s heartfelt story the New York Post was quick to point out that there were many holes in it. As the report published on Friday noted, Biden’s father had passed away in September 2002, that is six years before his son became the vice President. His uncle had also passed away in 1999. They also noted that his uncle’s tombstone and obituary have no mention of him being a Purple Heart honoree. His name is also not included in the partial registry of Purple Heart recipients, but as the registry is not complete that does not necessarily mean something.