Biden Speaks On Trump’s Next Supreme Court Pick

Photo by Bill Mason on Unsplash

( – During an NAACP Detroit chapter dinner President Joe Biden encouraged the attendees to consider whether they believe that former President Donald Trump would nominate for the Supreme Court anyone with a “brain” if he won back the White House a second time. The question was entirely hypothetical as currently there is no vacant seat in the Supreme Court. 

On Sunday during his political speech Biden had slammed Trump for the justices that he had appointed to the Supreme Court during his first term in the White House. Trump’s nominees have meant that the Supreme Court has a conservative majority, which has over the last few years made several decisions that Biden and the Democrats have opposed. 

Biden pointed out that Trump has often bragged about the role he played in getting Roe v. Wade overturned. He added that not only does Trump deny reproductive rights for women, but the changes have also resulted in higher mortality rates for Black mothers, who are close to three times more likely to pass away due to pregnancy complications than white women. 

Biden argued that Trump was openly speaking up in favor of voter suppression and that his MAGA supporters have destroyed affirmative action. 

Biden during his speech also asked the crowd who they believed Trump might nominate to hold a lifelong term on the bench while arguing that by contrast to Trump, he would nominate judges who would be just. He proceeded to call for the crowd to reelect him and Vice President Kamala Harris for a second term in the White House. 

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