Biden Sends Threatening Letter to Oil Companies

Biden Sends Threatening Letter to Oil Companies

Biden Blackmails Oil Companies In Slime-Ball Move Of The Century

( – As American families are struggling to afford filling their gas tanks, President Joe Biden penned a strongly-worded letter to several gas companies, including the Chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobil. He wrote that higher than normal profit margins while passing costs onto customers during a time of war was unacceptable. Biden stated the CEOs and other energy leaders have the ability to increase the “supply of gasoline” and work to get the fuel to consumers.

The president requested that the CEOs work with the Biden administration to come up with solutions to bring the cost of gasoline down. He demanded an explanation for any decrease in production since 2020, while partially blaming oil company profits for the gas crisis. Biden attempted to rope in the company’s cooperation to mitigate the strain on the American people from the problem he calls “Vladimir Putin’s Price Hike.”

Throughout the letter, the US leader told the CEOs everything he and his administration have done so far to address the gas price increase problem, including releasing reserves, authorizing production increases, and expanding access to 15% ethanol gasoline. Although Biden puts most of the blame squarely on Putin’s shoulders, he said gas company profit margins are only making the situation worse.

Do you think Exxon will cooperate with the administration and lower its profit margins?

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