Biden Says He Feels Like What?

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

When asked about his age in a national radio interview, President Joe Biden expressed that he still feels 50.

When radio host Willie Moore Jr. asked Biden, who is turning 80 on November 20, what he’d tell his 50-year-old self, Biden replied, “That I’m still 50,” saying that’s the first thing he’d tell himself.

The President stressed that would be the first thing, saying that he wasn’t kidding.

He then said the second thing he’d tell himself is that he “can’t even say that number, 80,” telling Moore Jr. that he feels 80 as much as he feels he can “get out from behind this desk and fly.”

Biden appeared on the show, recorded on Sunday (November 6) and aired on Monday (November 7), as part of a final push to get Black voters to show up to the polls on Tuesday.

The show is broadcasted to 14 states, including Senate battleground states Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Ohio.

Biden has been downplaying his age since taking office.

In 2020, he campaigned on being a transition candidate — someone who could defeat then-President Donald Trump but would hand over the reins to someone younger after one term.

But since taking office, Biden has seemingly reneged on that campaign promise, touting that he’d be able to beat Trump a second time, as he believes Trump would be the GOP candidate in 2024.

Yet, his age has been the topic of discussion in these ambitions, as Biden would be 82 in 2024 and 86 after a second term if he wins a 2024 bid.