Biden Responds After More Than 50 Migrants Dead in Semi-Truck

Biden Responds After More Than 50 Migrants Dead in Semi-Truck

Biden’s Policies Prove To Be More Deadly Than Anyone Could’ve Guessed

( – On June 27, San Antonio police discovered 46 dead migrants in the back of a locked and abandoned tractor-trailer, but the number climbed to 51 the very next day. President Joe Biden released a statement from the White House on June 28, addressing the issue and relaying his prayers and sorrow about the tragedy. He said authorities were still investigating the incident, but early reports indicated the migrants had been smuggled across the border from Mexico.

Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) also spoke out about the incident, blaming Biden and his open border policy for the deaths.

Other Republicans also blamed the president and the Democratic party, with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asking how many have to die before the Left cares. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) jumped in with a similar sentiment.

The president quickly fired back, calling out the politicians for using the heartbreaking event as an opportunity to grandstand. He said it was “shameful.” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated in the briefing room that the US borders are not open as Abbott claimed.

Still, many insist the Biden administration’s approach to the border crisis, or lack thereof, is responsible for the migrants’ deaths.

Do you think the president is to blame for the tragedy in Texas?

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