Biden Reportedly Blocking Reference to “Abraham Accords”

Biden Reportedly Blocking Reference to

( – The historic Abraham Accords, which brought peace between Israel and four Arab states, were among President Trump’s most spectacular foreign policy wins. Now the Biden administration is reportedly trying to erase them from the record.

On June 4, the media began reporting that the State Department is “discouraging” its staff from using the name Abraham Accords; instead, they’re supposed to refer to the ground-breaking deals as “normalization agreements.” Officials are also reportedly wiping the name from their official communications.

Two emails detailing the new policy (but not giving any reasons for it) were leaked to the Washington Free Beacon, which approached the State Department for comments. They were supposedly told that “the Department would refer to the Abraham Accords as such” – but refused to comment on the emails.

There’s no reason to change the name of the agreements, because “Abraham Accords” isn’t going to offend anyone; all three great monotheistic religions revere Abraham as their founder, and are usually called the Abrahamic religions, so the policy isn’t even going to win Biden any friends among Muslims. According to the Free Beacon, a source said it’s a name the Trump administration saw as fitting for the accomplishment. But, the Biden administration prefers to not use it “because it’s associated with President Trump.” Sadly, that’s believable.

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