Biden Reportedly Asked Tesla for Advice Multiple Times

Biden Reportedly Asked Tesla for Advice Multiple Times

Biden Used To Admire Elon Musk — What Changed?

( – Twitter Leftists have elected Tesla boss Elon Musk as their new public enemy #1, but he’s still working with the administration on electric vehicle policy. The question is, how long can it last? With Musk now publicly supporting the GOP, the tension is real and growing.

A June 23 report from Reuters says since President Joe Biden’s first day in office, he’s been relying on Musk to help develop policy on electric vehicles (EVs). They are a key part of Biden’s green agenda, and Tesla is the largest manufacturer, so it’s easy to see why Biden wanted to talk to Musk. However, as the tech entrepreneur has become increasingly frustrated with the modern Left, the relationship between them is turning sour.

Musk has donated to both political parties in the past, but has generally voted Democrat. Now, after a series of public battles with woke activists, he says the Left has become so extreme it’s positioned him to the right of the new center — so, from now on, he’ll be voting Republican.

As Musk’s patience with the Left has run out, Biden has chilled towards him. In February, Musk complained he was being ignored, forcing the president to acknowledge Tesla’s importance in EV manufacturing. The Left wants Musk canceled for his opinions, but the administration needs him for his expertise — and it’s likely he’ll also soon own social media giant Twitter. The breakdown of this relationship could hurt Biden severely.

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