Biden Official Laughs As Gas Prices Surge

Biden Official Laughs As Gas Prices Surge

( – Gas prices continue to rise, and ordinary Americans are suffering the consequences. Unfortunately, the Biden administration doesn’t seem to be taking the crisis seriously. In fact, the energy secretary seems to think it’s funny.

On March 6, the average price of a gallon of gas broke through $4 for the first time since 2008. The increase was kick-started by President Biden’s radical green agenda, but has been given a huge boost by the war in Ukraine. It’s now a major factor in the cost of living crisis that’s piling the pressure on millions of American workers – and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s attitude to the soaring prices is starting to make people angry.

In May 2021, a smiling Granholm dismissed early worries about expensive gas by saying “If you drive an electric car this would not be affecting you.” On March 9, political commentator Benny Johnson posted a clip of Granholm comment, which has now gone viral. Of course, that was last year – but Granholm still doesn’t seem to care.

Last Wednesday, as Granholm left a speech in Houston, TX, a journalist tried to ask her what she was doing to bring down gas prices. Granholm simply ignored the question and kept walking. US citizens are feeling the pain as fuel and energy become more expensive; it’s not acceptable for senior administration officials to either dismiss or ignore their concerns.

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