Biden Official Faces Backlash From GOP Lawmakers

Biden Official Faces Backlash From GOP Lawmakers

( – Another Biden appointee has run into trouble in the Senate, as Republicans raise concerns about her partisan past. President Biden says he wants to bring America back together, but he’s surrounding himself with people who’ve worked hard to divide us.

President Biden’s pick for Associate US Attorney General, Vanita Gupta, is a controversial choice. The civil rights attorney has a long record of attacks on Conservatives, and she has also backed radical causes like defunding the police. Last week, she was forced to defend her record to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and many aren’t happy with the answers she gave.

On March 9, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) warned that Gupta has shown “intolerance for and hostility to” anyone who doesn’t share her extreme leftist views. He also questioned her consistency, pointing out that in the Senate hearings she claimed she didn’t support defunding the police – but, just months ago, she wrote to the Senate demanding exactly that.

Gupta claims that, if confirmed, she would “work hard” to run a nonpartisan team. However, she has claimed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation was “illegitimate,” She also attacked Justice Brett Kavanaugh, calling him a “privileged lifelong partisan.” Gupta says one thing to the Senate, but she has a long track record of doing the opposite.

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