Biden Messes up Big Time With Asian Civil Rights Activist

Biden Messes up Big Time With Asian Civil Rights Activist

Biden Makes One Of The Worst Gaffes Of His Presidency

( – President Joe Biden made another of his infamous gaffes on Monday, June 13, accidentally mixing up the name of an Asian-American activist with the target of the second atomic bomb. It’s easy to laugh off Biden’s endless stupid mistakes, but it’s actually worrying. The president is supposed to lead a nation of 320 million people — but he can’t even read a teleprompter anymore.

On June 13, Biden held a White House signing ceremony for a bill that could create a National Museum of Asian American and Pacific Islander History and Culture. One of the attendees was Karen Narasaki, a former member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights. In an attempt to recognize her work on behalf of Asian-Americans, Biden referred to her as a leader in civil rights — but, despite reading from a teleprompter throughout his speech, called her “Karen Nagasaki” instead.

Americans are getting used to Biden’s rambling and often incomprehensible way of speaking, but they’re also getting worried about his mental competence; a poll in February showed that more than half of Americans don’t think the president is fit for his job. Are Biden’s gaffes just an “amusing” eccentricity, or a sign of a brain that’s well past its best?

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