Biden Given The Green Light To Pardon His Son

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former Colorado Rep. Ken Buck (Republican) suggested Americans would be understanding if President Joe Biden decided to pardon his son Hunter Biden following his conviction on three felony gun charges.

Buck indicated the President would wait until after the appeals process, which wouldn’t occur until after the November election, to decide, adding that whether Biden “wins or loses,” he’d have “much more flexibility” to decide.

Buck continued, stating that if Biden pardoned former President Donald Trump at the same time as he pardoned Hunter Biden, “Americans would understand a father doing that.”

The Colorado Republican made the comments on CNN on Tuesday, hours after a 12-person jury found Hunter Biden, 54, guilty on all three felony gun charges.

However, Biden has reaffirmed comments he made last week when he stated he wouldn’t pardon his son and would instead accept the trial’s outcome.

Just before the verdict on Tuesday, Biden reiterated his commitment, stating he wouldn’t interfere in the judicial process, including the appeals process, adding that he is “proud” of his son and the man he had become.

During his appearance on CNN, the newly-retired Buck claimed the President “made the right statement” when he suggested he wouldn’t “show preferential treatment” to his family members.

Legal experts have also weighed in on Hunter Biden’s likelihood to face jail time, which for the charges he faces could be up to 25 years, stating it’s unlikely Biden’s son would be incarcerated.

Legal experts have backed up these claims by stating a judge would consider that Hunter Biden doesn’t have a record and has been complying with the terms of his pretrial release, including regular drug testing.

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